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Rep. Toledo files bill to address sky-high prescription drug prices

The Floridian

December 18, 2019

Cutting the astronomical costs of prescription drugs is a bipartisan effort that is being pushed both at the federal and state levels of government, and considering that Florida has a huge and growing retirement community, the need to cut drug costs for those on a fixed retirement income is that much more important.

Sen. Rick Scott (R) and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D) have both vowed to address the costly drug problem, penning their own federal legislation to help curb the issue.

Accessibility to less –expensive drugs is also part of the mix, so it’s not a surprise that state legislators like Rep. Jackie Toledo (R) and others are banning together with healthcare providers to announce legislation (HB 961) that would address the prescription drug cost and accessibility problem in Florida.

Rep. Toledo, alongside Reps. Randy Fine (R), Kamia Brown (D) and Sen. Javier Jose Rodriguez (D) took aim at Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), that according to a press release, “ side-step free-market principles and force patients to use pharmacies owned by PBM’s – even if the costs are higher.

“Our priority is advocating for Floridians who have felt the pinch in their wallets because profit-driven policies by PBMs are robbing patients of savings that should rightly be theirs,” said Rep. Toledo. “Consumers need to know that their state lawmakers are fighting for their best interests, and our legislation will help put the power back where it belongs: with the patient.”  Continue Reading



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