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Predatory practices by PBMs are decreasing access to medicines for countless Floridians across the state while putting numerous Neighborhood Pharmacies out of business.

This Must Stop.

Legislation passing meaningful PBM reforms has been passed by several other states, and we need Florida lawmakers to act now before it's too late.

Help us in the fight against PBM abuse of our state's local pharmacies & patients!

Make a one-time donation or join SPAR today!

Small business Pharmacies Aligned for Reform (SPAR) is an organization founded by neighborhood pharmacists and other advocates who care about preserving patient access and keeping drug costs affordable. Our goal is to put a stop to pharmacy benefit manager anticompetitive practices that short circuit the free market and place additional burdens on our state's patients and local pharmacies.


SPAR will never share or sell your information. To learn more about SPAR and our fight for local pharmacies and their patients, please visit our website at

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