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Opinion: Your local pharmacy is at risk of going away

83 Degrees, July 14, 2020

Tampa summers are typically the “slow season” for local pharmacies. But during COVID-19, nothing is typical nor should be taken for granted.

The coronavirus pandemic coined the term “essential workers” and your local pharmacy is obviously essential, right?

Pharmacies are always open, even in a public health crisis. Of course, they’re open, why wouldn’t they be open? Pharmacies are always there when people need them.

But what happens if your local pharmacy can’t be there for you?

Opinion column by Pharmacist Alex HerwigA recent survey among Florida independent pharmacies shed light on a little-known, but critical issue. Intended to examine the viability of Florida’s Medicaid managed care model on local pharmacies, the survey instead uncovered disturbing statistics: 61 percent of community pharmacies are being forced to reconsider participating in the Medicaid system. Another 41 percent are considering whether to close their business altogether.

The problem is not limited to the Tampa Bay Area.



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